In the year 2020 Dragon Drama evolved, adapted and grew into providing virtual portals into our creative crazy world. We became Digital Dragons!


Below are our online workshops, including storytelling and creativity workshops, scriptwriting sessions and a debate club. See you on the Zoom!


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Storytelling & Creativity Workshops


Our Storytelling & Creativity Workshops are a unique and social digital breakout space for children and young adults. The sessions beam into your home no matter where you are in the world be it a boat, sofa, plane, beach or bed!
Games, stories, art, music, magic and mayhem allow Dragons to explore the realms of their imaginations, ask questions, and be curious. Each week the children set the agenda for the following week. We're never sure what'll happen next, and that's the fun of it!

So don’t turn to YouTube! Dive in and expand your creative potential beyond your wildest dreams...


Dragonsflight Scriptwriting Workshops


How about writing a script?

Dragonsflight Scriptwriting workshops show you how to work out what your story is about, what happens, who the character are and how to structure it. 


Dragon Debate Club


In a changing world, our youngsters are becoming more engaged in current events, and more vocal about issues that matter to them. The Dragon Debate Club is a safe and encouraging place for everyone to share their views, challenge themselves and others, and most importantly work through to new solutions. 

(10 and up)