The lights go down, the audience hushes and all throughout the auditorium a ripple of excitement prevails. The show is about to begin, and what will happen next, nobody knows...


Live theatre is the life-blood of our world at Dragon Drama; our raison d’etre and the snap in our step! Via our one-off, specially themed Holiday Events and our brand spanking new original productions, we are committed to producing high quality theatrical events designed to excite, enthral and enchant those who take part and those who come to watch.

Holiday Events

Each school holiday, Dragon Drama presents a multi-day seasonal event based around a particular theme, story, myth or legend. These are immersive experiences merging art and drama, facilitating children’s creative journey. Previous events have explored classics including Moomin Midsummer Madness, George’s Marvellous Medicine, and BadJelly the Witch.


This is a great opportunity for future-Dragons to come and join in the fun for a day or two to see what it’s all about!


If you'd like to join us this term, email to reserve your place, or fill in the form below


‘I am so delighted we live close to a creative endeavour like Dragon Drama. There are lots of other drama groups about, but none that focus on imagination, creativity, ensemble, 'play' and an ethos of creating theatre with such exciting and LIVE energy as you guys.

Great show, great fun and wonderful achievement!’

Audience feedback, Reckless Mirth, 2021, IYAF


As a theatre company, we are always looking to push the boundaries in live performance and original theatrical storytelling. Our most recent production was Bright Darkling, an Open Air performance at Normansfield Theatre, and we'll be back again for this years International Youth Festival at the Rose Theatre in Kingston. 


Our productions are cast by invite from all Dragons big and small, creating a community feel, a bit like a circus! They are an unforgettable opportunity to take to the stage and learn the craft of theatre by really taking part.


Check out Dragonsflight alumni Billy Brown's fantastic video of our performance of Blackout at IYAF in 2019.