Pioneers of Play since 1993

Patrons: Dame Judi Dench,

Colin Firth, Grace Molony, Lee Mack

Dragon Drama is a theatre company for children and young adults specialising in improvisation and play. Our workshops combine games, storytelling and devised theatre to create an inclusive, magical experience where imaginations run free and confidence grows.


With thirty years experience bringing the wonder of theatre into young lives, we believe every child has a Dragon in them. It's our job to let them Rock and Roar!

"They have an increased confidence, broadening of friendships, encouragement to think outside the box/be creative, feeling of success not related to academic success."

"Joining Dragon Drama has been a highlight of my son’s childhood — from 5 to 15 he has always been enthusiastic to attend, loves his friends at the workshops and has increased in confidence and creativity."

"They’re confident to take the lead, to work with anyone, to treat others with respect and compassion."

"My child was a tiny dragon all the way through to the oldest of dragons. She has volunteered and worked as staff. I cannot praise Dragon Drama enough. They are inclusive, intuitive, deeply compassionate and caring."

"It has been a wonderful way of expanding the children’s imagination and knowedge of a wide variety of historical and mythical tales from around the world, and keeping their minds open to all sorts of possibilities. Their story telling is very physical and they have developed good observation skills for body language and emotions. They have become great collaborators, often commented upon at school."